Why Malta ?

ship registeration in malta

Malta, a sovereign European state, with a stable political environment, a long standing social policy and a steady fiscal milieu. In view of Malta’s long-standing international relations, Maltese flagged vessels are welcomed in all ports around the world. The registration process in Malta is an efficient and fast tracked process and with the help of our team of professionals ship owners are guided and thoroughly assisted through each step of the registration process in Malta. Malta offers a complete tax exemption to owners, charterers and financiers of Maltese vessels of 1,000 Net Tonnage (NRT) and over. This exemption may also be extended to vessels under 1,000 Net Tonnage if such ship is owned by a foreign body or individual and engaged in the carriage of goods and passengers. Furthermore Malta has concluded 48 double tax treaties and bilateral maritime agreements with maritime countries. The fact that there are no restrictions on the nationality of the shareholders and directors of Maltese registered companies makes it much more feasible for foreign individuals to form a body corporate in Malta. Not to mention the company formation costs which are relatively low and which offer an additional incentive for those who are interested in forming a Maltese Ship-owning company.

With regards to crewing and manning Malta has no restrictions on the nationality of the Master officers and the crew on board Malta flagged ships. The Malta maritime administration further enhances this advantage by having at its disposal a dynamic team of people who process the crew applications for Malta endorsement promptly.

Important to mention are the competitive ship registration fees and the low tonnage tax costs payable in Malta.

In conclusion Malta offers a vibrant package which is attractive to many ship owners around the globe. Indeed Malta has the 2nd largest ship register in Europe and it’s the 8th largest flag in the World.