Provisional Registration of Ships under Malta Flag

ship registration procedureRegistration of ships procedure in Malta is basically subdivided into two categories: the first step is obtaining provisional registration and the second step is attaining permanent registration.

A ship may be provisionally registered under the Malta flag for a period of 6 months. This period is extendible for a further period or periods not exceeding in the aggregate six months.

In order for a vessel to be provisionally registered the following documents need to be made available:

1. Submission of the application for the registration of ships by the owner or authorised representative, including if applicable an application for the change of name of ship;
2. Proof of qualification to own a Maltese Ship, in the case of a company its memorandum and articles of association;
3. In the case of non Maltese owners, appointment of resident agent;
4. Where applicable a copy of the ship’s current International Tonnage Certificate;
5. Submission of the application for a provisional radio license;
6. Submission of the Declaration of Ownership (standard application form) signed in front of the Registrar by the owner or authorised representative;
7. Evidence of seaworthiness of the vessel, in the case of trading ships a confirmation of class by a recognised classification society and information of the ship statutory certification including Company ISM Compliance;
8. Where applicable, request to the Maltese administration in writing, to authorise the appropriate classification society to issue the ship’s and the ship-owning company’s statutory certificates;
9. Submission of the application for Minimum Safe Manning (where applicable);
10. Payment of initial registration fees and annual tonnage tax