Permanent Registration of Ships under Malta Flag

permanent ship registration During provisional registration, the following documents are to be submitted in order to obtain Permanent Registration:

1. If the vessel was previously under a different ownership, a bill of sale or any other document by virtue of which the vessel was transferred to the applicant; in all other cases a builder’s certificate in the name of the applicant;
2. Where applicable a cancellation of the registration certificate issued by the Administration where the vessel was last registered;
3. In the cases of SOLAS ships, copy of the last updated Continuous Synopsis Record issued by the administration where the ship was last documented;
4. Certificate of Survey and a copy of the International Tonnage Certificate issued by a recognised Classification Society;
5. Submission of the Ship’s Carving and Marking Note signed by the Classification Society;

In all cases where the ship does not have in her possession all appropriate convention compliant certificates, a non-operational certificate will be issued by the Malta administration.

A certificate of Malta registry is renewed annually upon the anniversary of the Maltese Registration.