Malta largest Ship Register in Europe

by rimadmin on April 3, 2012

Malta has become the largest ship register in Europe and the seventh largest in the world with 5,830 vessels, together amounting to 45.6 million tonnes, registered under the Malta flag.

Certainly Maltese service providers offer their individual clients a very efficient and reasonably priced service. Moreover the Maltese Administration is available 24/7, and also offers the service to register vessels or otherwise financing of a vessel beyond the usual office hours. Transport Malta may be described as a flexible administration which is there to provide quick and feasible solutions. In addition Malta being an EU member and thus in abiding by the EU standards, Malta gives ship owners a more stable, serious and safe flag.

Many are the incentives which attract ship owners to register their vessel / yacht / and any other possible craft and vessel imaginable under the Maltese flag. An clear example of this is the tonnage tax regime which enables the owner to pay a tax based on the tonnage of the vessel rather a tax based on income. Further ship financiers are well protected under Maltese Law as has been proven over the years.

Malta’s competitors are there and there to stay, Greece and Cyprus amongst others. However competition is healthy and it will keep Malta on its feet and motivate it to do even better. The Maltese Ship Register is as varied as it can be ranging from oil tankers, to cruise ships, yachts and oil rigs. Visit our section on Ship registration and Yacht registration on to know more about the procedures to follow in order to register your sea-craft in Malta.

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