Iranian ships being struck off Malta’s Ship Register

by rimadmin on April 3, 2012

A definite decision by the Malta Government has been taken to suspend the registration certificates of Malta-registered Iranian Ships has been taken last week. As evidenced by a number of reports Iran was using the Maltese-registered ships to support the dictatorial regime in Syria of Bashar-al-Assad. The vessels in question will also be struck off the Maltese Ship Register. Iran has explicitly praised Bashar al-Assad’s manifesting its support towards the year-long uprising.

Allegedly, a number of Maltese-registered Iranian ships are being used for the transportation of oil from Syria to China. This is being done in breach of EU sanctions. Further China has been hesitant in passing any judgment on Syria or Iran by using its UN Security Council veto on various occasions to prevent any harsher resolutions to be taken against the two states.

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