Malta Gaming Company

Remote gaming in Malta is regulated by the Gaming Act and its subsidiary legislation. All operators of remote gaming in or from Malta must possess a valid license of the relevant class as set out in the First Schedule of the Remote Gaming Regulations. Applicants must satisfy certain criteria, most importantly they must be, limited liability companies registered in Mala, they must satisfy the ‘fit and proper’ test which involved rigorous due diligence checks on all persons who have a significant stake in the enterprise, demonstrate business, financial and technical ability to conduct the operation and show their solvency in order to ensure player winnings and that deposit returns are safeguarded.

Four Classes of Gaming Licenses:

Class 1 – for games broadly based on repetitive random events (casino type games, lotteries);

Class 2 – for games based on a single event played through a market of wet up by the operator (sport betting);

Class 3 – for betting and promoting games (P2P games, betting exchanges, tournaments, bingo, as well as intermediaries);

Class 4 – for hosting and managing games offered by other licensees, excluding the licenses himself (for gaming platforms from which gaming operators can run).