Who may register an aircraft in Malta

• An owner of the aircraft being also the operator of the same aircraft;
• An owner of an aircraft under construction or temporarily not being operated or managed;
• An operator of an aircraft under a temporary title who satisfies the conditions prescribed;
• A buyer of an aircraft under a conditional sale or title reservation agreement which satisfies the conditions which may be prescribed and who is authorised to operate the aircraft;

Persons eligible to register in Malta:

• The Government of Malta;
• Citizen of Malta or a citizen of a Member State of the EU, or an EEA State, or Switzerland, having a place of residence or business within Malta, the EU, the EEA or Switzerland, including a person sharing in the ownership of such aircraft by virtue;
• Of the community of acquests subsisting between such person and a citizen as described above in whose name the aircraft is registered;
• An undertaking formed and existing in accordance with the laws of Malta, a Member State of the EU, or an EEA State, or Switzerland, and having its registered office, central administration and principle place of business within Malta or the EU, or an EEA State, or Switzerland, whereof not less than 50% of the undertaking is owned and effectively controlled by the Government of Malta, or by any Member State of the EU, or by any persons referred to above, whether directly or indirectly through one or more intermediate undertakings.

For private aircraft:

• A natural person who is citizen of, or an undertaking established in a member country of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and any other country approved by the Minister by Notice for the purpose of the Act (termed “International Registrant” in the Act), provided it-
o has legal capacity to own/operate an aircraft in terms of law;
o appoints a local resident agent to represent the owner in Malta for matters concerning the registration of the aircraft;
o complies with applicable regulations/guidelines.