Aircraft Registration

aircraft registration in maltaMoved by the long standing Maltese Maritime Register, which has recently been announced to be the largest maritime register in Europe this time also surpassing Greece and Cyprus, Malta has enacted the Aircraft Registration Act 2010 which came into force on the 1st October 2010. The 2010 Act addresses various aspects of the aviation industry with the most prominent being the registration of aircraft, and the registration and enforcement of aircraft mortgages.

Malta has also ratified the Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and the Aircraft Protocol offering lenders unrivalled security in enforcing their rights quickly. The Cape Town Convention further provides financiers with a clear prior ranking over the aircraft and engines in case of insolvency of the borrower or operator and are allowed to exercise self-help remedies directly without recourse to the Courts. Indeed the 2010 Aircraft Registration Act aims highly at implementing the Cape Town Convention.

The 2010 Act has made Malta Aircraft Register one of the most attractive within the EU, making it possible for anyone to register an aircraft in Malta irrelevant of whether it is an EU National or otherwise and it is also possible to register an aircraft which is still under construction. In addition both fractional ownership and trustee interests can be recorded. Re-domiciling existing companies to Malta is fast and easy through corporate procedures without the need to incorporate new corporate bodies. Malta has become the aircraft register of choice, providing a modern set up with a full-bodied legal framework.

Through our professional team we can assist you in all aviation – related work varying from structured asset finance to the incorporation of the appropriate corporate structures, the registration of aircrafts and aircraft mortgages, tax structuring, obtainment of commercial Air Operator Certificates and Air Services Licenses.