Register in Malta is a professionally sustained website which provides the latest information on ship or yacht registration, aircraft registration and company registration in Malta. Behind there is a team of professionals and legal experts who have a wide experience in these fields and who are able to guide their clients through each of these processes. The icons shown below will help you find further information regarding the registration area you are interested in.

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Malta Registration Services caters for three main types of registration processes in Malta. Firstly Yacht or ship registration, secondly aircraft registration and company registration which goes hand in hand with both the shipping industry and with the aviation industry. Our services aim at providing the reader as much information as possible on these three types of registration. We will also provide you with a team of legal experts who can give you free consultation on any of the three above mentioned services.

Why Register in Malta

Malta is known for its strong Maritime Tradition and it offers a range of international maritime services. This has become possible because of Malta’s strategic geographical location in the middle of the mediterranean sea. It is indeed the perfect hub for trade and commerce. Today Malta has one of the largest Shipping registers in the world. Malta is striving for achieving an equally successful Aviation register which has been set up in 2010 and has so far been a successful accomplishment. For the purpose of registering a merchant vessel, a yacht or an aircraft, although this can be easily done if you are a foreign corporate body, there is also the option of forming a Maltese corporate body. For instance the Maltese Shipping Company is typically the Limited Liability Company. The formation of a Maltese company is a swift and straightforward procedure and a Ship owning company may be registered in a couple of days time provided that all documentation required is provided.